2020 Release Notes

PreViser is continuing to invest to improve and optimize the user experience with its products.  As part of this continuing investment, we are excited to announce the December release. The release includes enhancements that will not only benefit the providers but also allow for seamless communication between the offices and your organization.

Checking insurance benefits for your providers is now easier:

If you, as an insurance carrier, currently have a Check Benefits button available to your providers, you can now show that button on the patient details page. This saves time and allows the provider to check benefits for the patient without having to open the report page. Please contact us to install this new feature.

Health Questionnaires:

Saves time for the provider by allowing patients to fill out certain assessment questions before the appointment. The provider can email a Health Questionnaire to a patient’s smart phone any time. These questions can then be imported into a new assessment saving time for the provider and engaging the patient in their oral health care.

Registering with duplicate email address:

To allow practice administrators to support multiple office locations, the administrator’s email can be used to set up more than one account. If an office begins registration and sees that their email address is already in use, they can continue to register with that email or simply log in with their already exiting account.

PreViser thanks you for trusting us to provide you with oral health technology solutions and is excited to continue our partnership to help you achieve your goals.